privacy policy

When you contact Poetry Space to make a query, submit poems or other writing to the quarterly showcase or the competition, or for any feature your e-mail  address is stored in my e-mail account so that I can contact you again with further information.

When submitting poems for the online showcase (and its printed edition) or any online feature you are agreeing to your name appearing here on this website and and consequently your gender revealed. If you don’t want your gender revealed you will need to state that you want to be known by initials e.g J.R. Brown rather than Janice Brown.

When submitting material that may appear online on this website you are agreeing to your country being revealed and USA or India for example appearing next to your name. 

When you submit your work and the requested cover sheet you are giving us your e-mail address and other contact details such as a telephone number or a postal address. By submitting these you are agreeing to me storing that information for Poetry Space administrative use only. Poetry Space stores your data safely and it will never be shared with third parties.

When you join Friends of Poetry Space you are agreeing to me storing your data: e-mail address, telephone number and address so that I can contact you on Poetry Space related matters and send out your quarterly mailings to your postal address. Your information is stored safely, never shared with third parties and deleted from my records when your membership expires.

If you agree to judge a competition  or select poems for the showcase as an editor you are consenting to having your name, photo, gender and biographical details appear on the website and in printed publications we produce.

When you provide Poetry Space with a photo and biographical details you are agreeing to these being publicly featured on Poetry Space and included in printed publications produced by Poetry Space when appropriate. 

If you feature in any way on Poetry Space then you are also consenting to your name and the poems/articles/stories submitted being used to promote Poetry Space on social media.

Your personal data: email address, telephone number and postal address will never be shared on social media.