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Creativity in any form requires method, direction and guidance.

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Submitting quality writing for publication can often be daunting in today’s online, fast-paced environment, as many talented writers are left in the dark, either with a sharp rejection note or simply no response from editors and publishers.

This can be quite destructive to creative energy and sense of artistic self-worth. PoetrySpace is a place for celebrating and nurturing creativity. Just as a seed, if planted in the right environment, flourishes, so too can your creative spirit.

As part of our nurturing philosophy, PoetrySpace provides bespoke publishing services, ongoing mentoring, promotion and support.

Our services include: (click each title to find out more)

+ Publishing & Printing Services

We welcome submissions from poets who believe their work to be of a high standard and offer publishing contracts to three or four poets a year. Please don’t send a full manuscript. In the first instance e-mail six sample poems along with your details and publishing history. If I like your work you will be invited to submit a full pamphlet or book length manuscript.

Alternatively if you are considering self publication  we can also help with the following:

  • Poetry pamphlets
  • Short stories
  • Bespoke gift books
  • Small children’s stories

Whether you wish to expand your publishing career, create a customised publication to give to family and friends, create a collection to sell at readings or anthologies on behalf of your writing or community groups, we can help make your dreams a reality at PoetrySpace.

“I am delighted with the Naomi House booklets; they are leaping out of the box” – Heather

Contact us today for competitive rates.

+ Promoting of existing publications

If you have a publication that you’d like us to sell and promote, we can do that through our PoetrySpace Bookshop page. Send in the details of the book and we will sell it and process payments for you through PayPal. We take 20% commission for doing this and send you the rest.

+ Workshops

With a lifetime of poetry experience, we run regular workshops and writing groups for new and established writers.

Our workshops are a fun, dynamic and highly enriching way to help you generate ideas in a welcoming atmosphere.

“Thanks so much for the Winter Workshop. I really enjoyed it and find myself thinking over and over the new things I learned. Please tell Azadeh that I have started making a delicious winter salad with some of the ingredients she recommended poetesses to eat! Almonds, dates, ginger… Very uplifting in this cold weather.” – Clare

“The workshop provided a safe and nurturing space for writers. Guided imagery from Sue to stimulate creativity led to ”˜free fall’ writing which was shaped into more structured pieces. Supportive feedback was encouraged. Azadeh’s discussion on the ”˜Artistic Diet’ alongside a lunch based on these principles was another highlight of a friendly and productive day.” – Pauline

At PoetrySpace, our unique approach will help nurture your creative drive, understand the effective use of language and help flourish your expressive energy.

Please visit our Events and Competitions for upcoming seminars and workshops.

+ Poetry Critiquing

Send up to 100 lines of poetry, in any style. We will provide a thorough full-page analysis with tips on:

  • How to craft your poetry by way of symbolism, theme and rhythm
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout
  • Effective use of language – the art of choosing the ”˜right word’
  • Poets, books and research material relevant to your unique style
  • Prompt 7-10 working day turnaround

Please contact us for our rates, terms and conditions.

“Sue and Azadeh are very accomplished poets; they also share a wonderful zest for others to write and bring poetry alive to ordinary people. Although I love to write poetry and have been scribbling them onto scaps of paper since 1990’s I lack the polish of someone who has studied literacy and has a viness for the essence of poetry in its many forms. In a twinkling of an eye and like a flash of lightning Azadeh has turned my humble efforts into an eloquent piece; cutting and pasting words, without destroying the original tone or metaphor. This is indeed a gift and a generous skill supporting many people to share in the wonderful world of poetry.”
– Warmly, Heleena Yates

+ Face-to-face creative writing tutorial

We can provide one-on-one tutorial services for all writers, all ages.

  • How to craft your poetry
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • How to use language in an effective and emotive way
  • Tips on improving your creative energy, motivation and productivity
  • Guidance on reading and research material tailored to your writing style

Service available in  Bristol.
Children and students welcome.

Proof reading: essays and dissertations. Marks can be deducted for poor spelling and grammar. Get it right by using our affordable service for students.

Please contact us for our rates, terms and conditions.