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Summer Showcase – June 2021

Editor: Susan Jane Sims. Poems by M. Anne Alexander, Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher, Angie Butler Leela Gautam, Mark Maddrell and Sue Wallace-Shaddad

Spring Showcase March 2021

Editor: Susan Jane Sims. Poems by M. Anne Alexander, Moira Andrew, Judy Dinnen, Roy Duffield, Leela Gautam, Darren Frostick, Jenny Hockey, Cathryn M. Spiller, Sue Wallace-Shaddad and Claire Zhu

Winter Showcase – December 2020

Editor: Ann Preston. Poems by Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher , Brian Docherty, Roger Elkin, Thelma Laycock, and Shirley Wright,

Autumn Showcase-September 2020

Editor Leela Gautam. Poems by Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher Michael Docker, Brian Docherty,Sue Kauth, Stephen Kingsnorth, Thelma Laycock, Kate Pursglove, Linda Strange and Shirley Wright,

Summer Showcase – June 2020

Editor Susan Jane Sims Poems by M. Anne Alexander, Moira Andrew, George Hopewell, Hanna Komar, Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Cathryn M. Spiller, and Keith Woodhouse

Spring Showcase – March 2020

Editor Susan Jane Sims Poems by Sheika A., Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher, Judy Dinnen, Stephen Kingsnorth, Julie Sampson, Alan Woods, Brian Young.

Winter Showcase – December 2019

Editor Nathan Evans Poems by Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher, Michael Docker, Jenna Plewes, Julie Sampson, Sue Wallace-Shaddad,

Winter Showcase – December 2019

Editor Nathan Evans Poems by Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher, Michael Docker, Jenna Plewes, Julie Sampson, Sue Wallace-Shaddad,

Autumn Showcase – September 2019

Editor Susan Jane Sims Poems by Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher, Johanna Boal, Michael Docker, Ian Huckson, Kirsten Monroe, Sue Wallace-Shaddad, Alisa Velaj Sophie Zhu

Summer Showcase – June 2019

Editor Pam Zinnemann-Hope. Poems by Lizzie Ballagher, Carolyn O’Connell, Michael Docker, Pamela Scott, Sue Wallace-Shaddad, Thomas Wan, Maureen Weldon, Sophie Zhu

Spring Showcase – March 2019

Editor Julie Sampson, Poems by Lizzie Ballagher, Michael Docker, Jayant Kashyap, Judy Dinnen, Moira Andrew, Annest Gwilym, James Bell and Alisa Velaj

Winter Showcase – December 2018

Editor Janet Sutherland. Poems by Sam Khan-McIntyre, Moira Andrew, Pat Edwards, Annest Gwilym, Margarita Serafimova, Anthony Watts, Lizzie Ballagher and Kurt Gundlach.

Autumn Showcase – September 2018

Editor Stephen Lightbown. Poems by Lizzie Ballagher, Michael Docker, Joyce Walker, Richard Baigent, Judy Dinnen, David Prior, Anthony Watts & Jo O’Farrell. Featured photograph: Chris Sims.

Summer Showcase – June 2018

Editor: Morag Kiziewicz. Poems by Lizzie Ballagher, M.Anne Alexander, Judy Dinnen, Chris Campbell, John Payne, Susannah Violette, Ceinwen Haydon, C. Chant, Jo O’Farrell, Jenna Plewes

Spring Showcase – March 2018

Editor: David Norris-Kay. Poems by Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher, Judy Dinnen, Michael Docker, Jo O’Farrell, Jenna Plewes and David Prior. Ceinwen Haydon

Winter Showcase – December 2017

Edited by Lizzie Ballagher. Poems by Judy Dinnen, Mary Kate Morris, Jeff Skinner, Eileen Carney Hulme, Annest Gwilym, Patric Williamson, Sue Wallace-Shaddad, Jenna Plewes, Maureen Weldon, Valerie Morton

Autumn Showcase – September 2017

Poems by Jenna Plewes, Julie Sampson, Jeff Skinner, Sharon Lia Robinson, Annest Gwilym, Namita Sethi, Alice Heyeh, Rosalie Challis and Eileen Carney Hulme.

Summer Showcase – June 2017

Edited by Nick Cooke. Poems by Moira Andrew, Lizzie Ballagher, Di Coffey, Pat Edwards, Rosie Jackson, Mike Lee and Stephen Lightbown.

Spring Showcase – March 2017

Edited by Susan Jane Sims. Poems by David Prior, Isobel Davis, Moira Andrew, Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Di Coffey, Martin Foroz, Patrick Wright, Mark Isherwood and Mike Lee.

Winter Showcase – December 2016

Edited by Johanna Boal. Poems by Moira Andrew, Colin Bancroft, Angie Butler, Michael Docker, Effie Makepeace, Daphne Milne, David Prior and Maureen Weldon

Autumn Showcase – September 2016

Edited by Andrew Scotson. Poems by Colin Bancroft, James Laurie, Nick Cooke, Cihan Serce, Lizzie Ballagher, Moira Andrew and Gill Lambert

Summer Showcase – June 2016

Edited by Susan Castillo. Poems by Lizzie Ballagher, Gill Lambert, Annest Gwilym, Tony Hendry, Julie Sampson and Pauline Harrowell

Spring Showcase – March 2016

Edited by Susan Jane Sims. Poems by Andrew Greenslade, Julie Sampson, Lizzie Ballagher, Jo Waterworth, Pallab Pathak, Annest Gwilym, Sukarma, Rani Thareja, Michael Docker and Gary Beck

Winter Showcase – December 2015

Edited by Di Coffey. Poems by Carolyn O’Connell, Anthony Mark Slatcher, Jo Waterworth, Anna Ghislena, Kalyanee Rajan, Wendy Holborow, Andy Scotson, Moira Andrew and Lizzie Ballagher

Autumn Showcase – September 2015

Autumn showcase edited by Prem Kumari Srivastava. Poems by Ottilie Mackintosh, Wendy Holborow, Alexis Spring, Alwyn Marriage, Gill McEvoy, Ben Banyard, Lizzie Ballagher, Zak Patrick Parsons, Nathan Evans, Will Lunn and Nick Cooke.

Summer Showcase – June 2015

Summer showcase edited by Mandy Pannett. Poems by Julie Sampson, Nick Cooke,Pauline Harrowell, Juan Arabia, Stephen Bone, Ottilie Mackintosh, Alwyn Marriage, Nathan Evans, Lizzie Ballagher and Daniel F. Davis

Spring Showcase – March 2015

Spring Poetry Showcase featuring poems by Lizzie Ballagher, Mike Lee, Pauline Harrowell, Rachel Thompson, David Subacchi, Moira Andrew,Michael Docker, Duncan Darby, Carolyn O’Connell and Sharmi Dev Gupta

Winter Showcase – December 2014

Winter Poetry Showcase featuring poems by Maureen Weldon, Johanna Boal, Moira Andrew, Roger Elkin, Susan Evans, Caroline Rae, Michael Docker, Daphne Milne and Gill McEvoy

Autumn Showcase – September 2014

Autumn Showcase featuring poems by Claire Coleman, Joe Jordan, Lizzie Ballagher, Ann Wuehler, Michael Docker, Jo Waterworth, Ndaba Sibanda, Roger Elkin, Gerda Mayer and Carolyn O’Connell chosen by Guest editor Thelma Laycock

Summer Showcase – June 1st 2014

Summer 2014 showcase featuring poems by Rachael Clyne, Claire Coleman, Carolyn O’Connell, Moira Andrew, Ndaba Sibanda, Maureen Weldon, Andy Scotson, Aldrin Aditya and Kevan Taplin. Edited by Susan Jane Sims

Spring Showcase – March 1st 2014

Spring 2014 showcase featuring poems by Andy Scotson, Dulen Gogoi, Neil Leadbeater, William Jones, Di Coffey, Kelsi Delaney, Marva Jackson Lord, Kathy Sharp and Rachael Clyne. Selected by Jean Harrison.

Winter Showcase – December 2013

The Winter Showcase was selected by Denni Turp and includes poems by Neil Leadbeater, Helen Calcutt, Christine Hollywood, Jo Waterworth, Antony Johae, Maureen Weldon, Andrew Scotson and Moira Andrew.

Autumn Showcase – September 2013

Autumn Poetry Showcase – Poems from Rob Benson, Moira Andrew, Les Merton, Johanna Boal, Antony Johae, Di Coffey, Kodjo Deynoo, Anthony Bartlett, June Moore and John Paul Kirkham

Summer Showcase 2013

Sumnmer Showcase – poems by Neil Leadbeater, Moira Andrew, Antony Johae and Wendy French. Chosen by Margaret Eddershaw.

Spring Poetry Showcase 2013

Spring Showcase 2013 – Poems by Moira Andrew, Mike Lee, Kathy Sharp, Neil Leadbeater, Michael Docker, Di Coffey and Adjei Agyei-Baah

Winter Poetry Showcase 2012

Poems by Moira Andrew, Di Coffey, Jo Waterworth,Les Merton,Johanna Boal, Mbizo Chirasha,Alexander Conyers,Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah and Dave Wood. Photographs/Art by Chris Sims, Kate Blair and Toby Morgan.

Poetry Showcase Autumn 2012

• Archive of all Poetry Space showcases Guest Editor : Michael Kwake Kesse Somuah Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah  from Ghana, West Africa, is a former student of The University of Cape Coast and an avid poet. He has kept a diary of word plays because he is so obsessed about them particularly folklore of African • Read more…

Poetry Showcase Summer 2012

Guest editor Moira Andrew has chosen poems by Marilyn Hammick, Alex Wyatt, Neil Leadbetter, David R. Morgan, Prem Kumari Srivastava, Sarah Gamutan and Julianne Davis

Poetry Showcase -Spring 2012

Poems by Carolyn O’Connel, Moira Andrew, Prem Kumari Srivastava, Piotr Balkus, Tony Sainsbury, Hellena Yates and Michael Somuah

Poetry Showcase – December 2011

Showcase published December 2011

Poetry Showcase – November 2011

Published November 2011