Celestial Heteroglossia by Eleni Cay

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Eleni Cay is a Slovakian born poet living in England and Norway. Her poems have appeared in may journal including Atticus Review, The Cardiff Review and Envoi.  Her debut novel The Love Virus was published in Spring 2020.

The poems in this collection indicate hope with the feeling of magic and reverence for the  unknown. If the Earth spoke to the Sun, what would she say? And if the Moon talked to the Sun, would they remember the times when they were one being? The perennial themes of togetherness and separation find their way into Eleni Cay’s delicate poetry.  

The beautiful cover design is by Dorset based artist, Rosie Hancock.



This is a beautiful collection,  multi-voiced and resonant with the language of wonder and  love.” 

Karen Littleton, Professor of  Education at The Open University, where she researches collaborative creativity, and  doctoral tutor for the University of Cambridge.

“Reading this lovely and thought provoking pamphlet at this moment in our lives, when there are so many uncertainties, I feel  like it allows me to dream again and believe in hope that our  planet will take care of us.”

Dickson Mbi, an award winning  choreographer and Creative  Director of Pop City UK