A Scream of Many Colours: Poems for Now, Edited by Moira Andrew and Susan Jane Sims

A scream of Many Colours

Poems for Now


ISBN: 978-1-909404-26-7


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It takes courage, even at a distance, to face the horror happening in the world at any one moment, and to try to capture the reality of it.

These poems catapult us from our everyday into experiences that test us as human beings through our response. They sift truths from the rubble of events that will become the mythologies of a future era.

Deborah Harvey


This anthology confronts something difficult: when our news bulletins reel off disaster after disaster, how do we respond to violence and tragedy? It takes a poet to make sense of it. In this document for troubled times, contemporary poets offer their response in various ways – grieving, consoling, protesting, questioning and measuring losses. 

Michael Loveday