Members’ only competition – Light

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Sorry for the delay in announcing this. 

I am delighted to say that the winner is Lizzie Ballagher who will receive a signed copy of Catching Light by Margaret Eddershaw.


Light Bulbs


Weeks ago, Christmas lights

Were boxed & back in attics,

Shuttered for eleven months at home.

Yet, naked in the earth’s basement rooms,

Incandescent daffodils mark time:

They wait.


There comes an equinoctial moment when

Flayed of skins, dried,

Stripped of frills,

Even these will swell:

Draw water

From chilled wells below.


If then they are plugged

Into the sizzling grid of the sun,

No one sees them smoke & glow—

No one knows except oak roots, rose roots…

Until March light pokes inquisitive fingers into the loam:

Draws up their answers.


Then those dimmed bulbs come on:

Yellow, palest white,

Shades fringed with orange edges,

Rimmed, ruffled in soft layers,

Taffeta trimmed.

Come April, all the lights are on again.


Lizzie Ballagher