Journal- sound recording of ‘My mother’s nursing chair’

Sunday, 5 November 2017

I have been experimenting with recording poems. I find it a great way to practise for readings. This poem was written during the summer while I was on a residential writing week with Second Light Network of women poets. The workshop that inspired this was run by Myra Schneider.

I have included the words to the poem. 


My mother’s nursing chair


This chair has seen and heard it all. Carried home

on the bus when I was nearly due, it witnessed her groans,

holds a cushion she made, holds me while I strum

my guitar or play soulful notes on a native American

flute I bought when Mark was ill. Music is so important now,

a thread linking a recorder playing shy and clumsy child

to the woman I am now searching for strength

to cope with loss. My parents are gone, my son will

never reach the age I am now. He was not quite halfway.

I pick out notes from songs they loved;

the flute is as easy to play as breathing.

The chair soaks up grief, joy, happiness, despair.


Susan Jane Sims


If you read well and want to send in a good quality recording of one of your own poems to be considered for Poetry Space then simply e-mail to the recording and also send the words. Previously unpublished poems only please unless you already have a published collection by Poetry Space. If so you are welcome to send in poems from those collections.

I used a voice recorder programme together with a microphone.