Audio recording – Skimming Stones by Michael Docker

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Thanks For sending this Michael. I love it.

Skimming Stones (Wharfedale)


We were skimming stones, me and my child;

Skimming round, blue, strewn stones

Into the stream. It is everyone’s

Dream that the stream can be filled.


Why this urge no one resists? By a bend,

Where a hill stream quickens over stones

This thickens like a trend –

Parents and children damp their hands,

Walkers pause to stretch themselves, end..


Why this urge resisted by no one?

Why this centre?

We return to the truculent stream,

The stones we skim enter,

Dreams ripple and grow,

Ripple and go.


Somewhere bone

Breaks, cities fall,

Children scream.

Still, here we throw stones

Into the centre of the stream.


Why is this done by everyone?                                             

Why this mission?                                           ;

Dry walkers, the delicate child,                      

The parent; all of them add to the water       

But the water flows on over stone                 

Walls, cumulate dams.                                  

The failure of stones

Leaves every one’s

Dreams unfulfilled.


No one will cease from it, no one.

All are skimming, throwing;

All wish to remain, to build, to be doing.


The water will rise, that’s as maybe;

Maybe all but the finest stones,

Strongest bone, greatest city

Or child fall again

But still we are skimming stones

Into the water, the centre, the stream.



Michael Docker