Journal: A walk in suburbia

Sunday, 16 April 2017


Where I live

can only be properly called suburbia and yet

pretty lanes exist 

and the remains of old stone walls

provide a glimpse of farms

and villages that used to be.



These attractive stones

border a busy main road.








This tiny section of the world

our house and many others are built on

gets its name from a 15th century woman

Lady Jane Barre.

This is a boundary wall from a farm

built on her estate

long after her demise.










She left behind an ancient moat too. It was drained by the family that owned the farm and later refilled. Another day I’ll take photos of the moat. For now though I’ll leave you with these beautiful grass verges filled with Spring flowers.

And this short poem modelled on Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Stanza VIII (Wallace Stevens):


I know fabulous blooms

cultivated under glass;

cut, for the cut glass vase.

Yet I know too that tiny hedgerow flowers

are where it all begins.


Susan Jane Sims



Happy Easter