Week 57- entries and results

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Photograph by Chris Sims
week 57

Five lovely poems to choose from this week and the readers fell in love with the very amusing Poem 1: Batchelor of Arts by Tina Shaw. Congratulations Tina.

Poem 1

Batchelor of Arts

What’s a BA stand for? husband said
Big Arse? and laughed,
but I couldn’t care less.
Today I have my giant hat
of cleverness on.
And I have elevated
my former self
into someone with airs.
I can add BA after my name.
It’s been a screaming, screeching day
down phones,
up the stairs,
woo hooing and
jumping on tiptoes.
No-one can snatch
this tightly grasped special day.
The beyond joy sensation
of pure happiness
that has invaded
my wide smile

Tina Shaw
Poem 2

Carpe Diem:


Carpe Diem,

We will seize the day.

Our step,

Our steps

Walking down the road.

Our future,

Our futures,

beginning to unfold.

Our dream,

Our dreams

We live a life untold.

so we walk with pride,

and our chest rise,

for life’s toll.

Our shout

Our shouts

We join in unison.

Our trial

Our trials,

the world strikes us down.

Our strength

Our strengths,

we rise from the ground.

Carpe Diem,

We have seized the day now.


Samuel Han (16)


Poem 3




Into the hoped-for days we are about to go,

Never wanting to forget what being here made of us –

Friendships warmed by the heart’s hearth,

Cooled by the heart’s cold petulance;

The goodness of books –

We lusted for them but sometimes shunned

Their platonic invitation –

The food when we could

When we had only good between us,

And the lost hours,

When there was only nonsense between us,

While the words we had to find in the books

Loomed over us and in the mind’s

Weak ventricles the knowledge we were here for

Seeped slowly like weak blood


And we, wishing our brains would

Beat like hearts, wishing the questions, essays,

Dissertations, could be, like solved crimes, understood,

Were detectives here for terms of days.


Well, no more of that. Now, the Baccalaureate.

Now the status, stupid ceremony,

The deserved, whispered magnificat,

Now the gown, the photograph, the medieval hat.


And afterwards shall we be changed? Shall eyes

Twinkle, flash, will there be trumpets at the last?

Something leads us through the gathered academic forest

Like a grasped hand to where what is before us lies,


And what is before us draws us on and on we go,

Willingly, reluctantly, we go,

Leaving here and what here made of us behind,

With what we made of here grasped tightly in the hand

Trusting that whatever comes; new friends

To be warm and cool with, new books to be played,

New good between us, new hours to be made

And lost in, new lives, new lands,


That what has held us here these days

Once hoped for, now all used,

Will keep us, though we be bruised,

Will be always and will be always.


Michael Docker


Poem 4


                               Rewards…delight us,

help us succeed,

where we might have failed.

…confirm for us

that we have tried

and been successful.

…tell others

of our success and

we are able to share that.


Rewards…help others

to know they can copy

and achieve as well.

…send us

towards the goals

we may have set ourselves.

… remind us

that we are never alone,

that others are with us.


Rewards…can enable us

to share, congratulate

and reward others

…. show us

that we are all children

and like to feel special.

…can be

a small piece of paper,

a coin or a smile.


Rewards…. can be

different at

different times.


A sticker from a teacher

A cap and a gown

A handshake from a prince


Take them, give them

Recognise their power.


Angie Butler


Poem 5

A Golden Vow

Ambiance of serenity is the proof

They depart to land on the new soil.

Years of strenuous efforts

Resolute guidance of educators…

All have shaped the harbingers’ values

To upheld morale every time.

They make the golden vow

To safeguard the blessing vouchsafed them.

This transition from students to citizens of society

They promise to make it meaningful.


Denim Deka