Poetry Space Competition 2016 – results

Thursday, 25 August 2016

summer flowers


First of all a big thank you for Myra Schneider for spending a couple of weeks of her summer with her head in poems submitted to Poetry Space Competition, and a sincere thank you to everyone who submitted their work. We had 249 entries and Myra read them all.  For those who like to work out where they have been placed, the commended poems are in order of selection. All the top twenty poems will be published in a prize winners’ anthology hopefully before Christmas.

Judge’s Report

From the 249 poems entered for the competition I put aside just over sixty to consider carefully. From these I produced a short list of 35 before making a final selection of 20 poems. During this process I reluctantly ruled out several poems with lively, poignant or thoughtful material in them which either hadn’t been fully transformed into poetry or else had dense detail which wasn’t taking the poem forward. By the time I’d picked out 20 poems I was very aware of the three which are the prize winners. Each of these poems is exceptional for the way it is shaped and the use of language.

Myra Schneider


For a list of winners and a chance to read the top three poems click here.