Come As You Are by Andrew Scotson

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Come As You Are: pamphlet

ISBN: 978-1-909404-31-1

This debut collection from Andrew Scotson demonstrates the far reaching scope of his writing. There are personal poems here about family and the local environment, we get to meet some of the poet’s footballing heroues, Gazza and George Best and we are also taken further afield to the Jazz clubs of America, to Vegas, to Vancouver and to Pensylvania in 1850.

Andrew’s love of the outdoors is also evident in these poems. He writes with humour and compassion.


Sample poems:


When Miles Calls


Late night African American voices
deep, solid.

Smoke silver against dark light
two black fingers hold the cigarette.

Hip hop men.

“When Miles calls”
trumpet curls into view.

Double base picks the rhythm
summoning the coolest tune.

As he talks fingers click.

We are in his club
at his session.

Listening to the coolest vibe
created as we watch.

Honey drizzled down
oozing from every pore.

From those souls
on that late ash scented night.

“A kind of blue” conjured
inhabiting our being.

Until we eat, sleep and dream
a jazz beat.

Andrew Scotson




International Hotel Vegas


Sinatra is somewhere
so the whisper has it
hiding in the shadows
hat pulled low
organising, approving
thin faced and smoking.

Beginning of August 1969
white suit and blue scarf
the King has returned
sweat already dripping from the brow.

One word, one Lord
no subtext, no surname needed
just Elvis!

Left hand conducts the symphony
casually counting them in
sound rises around and through him
hip to the knee he vibrates to the beat
form writhes to the rhythm.

Body lean, beautiful, forever moving
“In the ghetto” followed by
“Suspicious minds”
if it gets any better
I don’t know when or where.

Andrew Scotson