Standing by the Wayside by Prem Kumari Srivastava

Saturday, 6 February 2016

If you have not yet read Standing by the Wayside, by Prem Kumari Srivastava, this is definitely one to consider from the Poetry Space collection. Published during 2015 this is a collection that was a delight to work on.

wayside front cover


I have just had this lovely comment from Moira Andrew who has just read this collection:

Prem’s collection is very interesting, opening a window into a different culture.  I also like the way in which she explores pattern on the page, (which, as you know, appeals to me a lot!)  I particularly enjoyed reading Warrior of the night and Afloat.

 The pamphlet is beautifully presented, Sue – and I love your low-key line drawing on the cover.


As Moira has mentioned the drawing I will tell you the history behind this.  When designing a cover I like to take the poet’s ideas into account or if they are unsure I come up with ideas myself and I often use photographs. In this instance Prem said she really wanted a line drawing profile of a woman’s head and neck. I tried various artist friends and I searched the internet for images that I could get permission to use but had no luck so I decided to spend a morning doing some drawing and some research  myself. I like drawing but was not sure about the best way to do this so I had a look at other artist’s and decided Matisses’ simple style would be perfect for this.  I found a photograph of a woman online, in profile and with a lovely long plait. So I had my  model and a style. After several hours I also had my drawing which I then photographed for the book. Prem loved it which was the main thing and I feel it does these lovely poems justice.

The Solitary Reaper

The sky, the ocean

the huge bargad tree

the magnanimous high mountains

the mighty Ganges and the Mississippi.


Your love is like that.


Water, snow, ice and droplets

just take forms

vapour, clouds, rain and shower

Can it fall on the solitary alone?


Your love is like that.

Prem Kumari Srivastava


Thunder, floods and droughts

ravage and pillage

plunder and embrace



Your love IS like that!

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