Eggs on Toast by Jade Anouka

Sunday, 31 January 2016


Pamphlet 32 pages stapled

ISBN 978-1-909404-28-1

Publication date 14th February 2016

Retail price : £5


“Jade’s beautiful poetry is no frills. Brave, raw and exposing, Jade’s writing is an open book where the words are carefully plucked pearls, fit for the neck of any  human just growing, falling and making their way in the world.”

                                                                                     – Poet/Author Laura Dockrill


Sample poems by Jade Anouka



I was floating

above the image

we were creating

my body and his

we painted shapes

on the pages below

I could see

us, we

he saw me looking

came up

to meet me

we were both there



there and here

there we were oblivious

concerned only with each other

here we stared down

longed to make

those pictures

we had thought to make

all night.


My Time


That moment,

that time in life

where time is life.

That unique time

where there’s too much time

or not enough things to fill it.


That time

when you have all the time in the world

and all that time’s for keeps.

That bit of time before it’s no longer yours

before your time is theirs…


That special time

a treasured time

a time filled with possibilities


A time when you don’t keep time

because at that time

it’s time

to say this time’s mine.

This is my time


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