Wish a Wish: Poems by Moira Andrew

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Moira Andrew is a colourful painterly writer. Her poems have a sunburst, starlight quality about them, and her subject- matter is always expressed in clear, lucid language. ‘Wish a Wish’ is a highly original collection of poems: its tone is true, its touch light. a book for children of all ages, and one not to be missed.

Wes Magee





Sample Poem:

The Sun in Me

The sun is in me,
pale morning flames
setting my still-sleeping
heart alight.

The wind is in me,
clear blue breath
leading my bare feet
into a new day.

The sea is in me,
deep green waves
whispering wild music
in my ears.

The river is in me,
dark brown waters
swirling its questions
around my head.

The moon is in me,
sad silver beams
painting my dreams
with shadows.

Moira Andrew