Week 40 – entries and results

Photograph by Susan Jane Sims



Week 40 Susan Jane Sims


Totally overwhelmed by poem entries for this first challenge of 2015. Ten made it to the shortlist and Poem number 3 made it through as the winner in the readers vote. Many thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Gill McEvoy for Through a Glass Darkly.


Poem 1


In my resolution to be dry for a while

I believe that to be content with

All that I have is the key to the rest of my life.

At last I want to live

To come back not as an ant but as a human.

I love life enough to want to relive it,

Not as friends fear because I have regrets.

I want to live, to celebrate the blue of the sky,

The twitch of the wagtail,

The smile of an elderly woman

Distracted from her impending end,

And invest in those auld acquaintances

That have become friends.


Rachel Thompson


Poem 2

Old Acquaintance

The chiming of bells
False bonhomie swirls
Around a crowded room
I feel alone in the world

A new year ahead
But old hopes all killed
Destroyed by a few words
All dreams remain unfulfilled

The party’s over
So good at the start
My glass is empty now
Along with my breaking heart


Carol Mills


Poem 3

Through a Glass Darkly

I never understood that phrase
but now I think I might –
I look though crystal into shadow,
see what’s hidden there:
gifts of thoughtfulness, surprise.

Beyond them glass and shadow,
more and more, unending rows,
open secrets to my eyes.


Poem 4



The year’s great spool has looped around again.

Another change and challenge; another chance.

Bravely it shines; brightly it rings the first hour in

With pristine crystal clarity, with spangled, glittering

Glasses all belled and silver-rimmed.


Eyes gleam and glow for one another, lambent

As candles that spread their little pools

Of perfumed light, spill

Diamond rings of marigold fire

Around the table’s welcoming wheel.


So let darkness

Of darkest midnight

Fall as it may:

Circles of brightness

Drive all dark away.


Lizzie Ballagher


Poem 5

Our New Year

There are no tears of sadness,

for a year that’s passed away.

The tomorrow that we hoped for

is today.

Now the party s over

Just you and I remain,

to make our resolutions

and toast our love again.

Glasses standing empty,

Boxes lying bare,

Signs of celebration,

Spread out, everywhere.

The lamp we lit together,

Shall keep glowing through the night,

Shimmer through the darkness,

to meet the dawning  light.

The past is now behind us,

as we await the rising sun,

A new year has just started,

A new life, just begun.


Leela Gautam




Poem 6

The Office Party


Wine glasses, lipstick smeared,

and discarded finger food

await the caterers.

Balloons deflate, hissing gossip.


Back at home

she kicks off killer heels,

undoes his tie, slides her fingers

over the buckle of his belt.


She won’t ask how old he is

or how young he is;

reality will come soon enough

with the chill of dawn.


Di Coffey


Poem 7


The beating drum within my head,

The worms twisting in my belly

I survey the detritus of a hazy evening

Reflected in the gleam of glass.


Where now are the frivolities?

The alcohol loosening tongues,

Cutting the civilised bonds that anchor us

All reflected in the gleam of the glass.


I falter at half eaten pies and drying sandwich

Streamers soaking in puddles of former fun

Cans crushed by the party strongman

All reflected in the gleam of glass.


My shaking hands clear table and chairs

Bulging bin bag, clinking and rustling with the wasted and broken

Earrings and cufflinks, treasures in the wasteland

Reflected in the gleam of glass


Never again, my resolution firm

The cost to health and pocket apparent

I will clear and clean and keep my promise

My behaviour reflected in the gleam of glass.


Clearing head, calming stomach,

My nausea falls away as my chaos diminishes

Perhaps just one last drink to toast my new life

The lie reflected in the gleam of glass.


Martin Fuller


Poem 8


A call to emptiness, to stop worrying

And try being like the crystal glass

Glistens like mellow sunshine,

Covers the gloam like umbrella,

Glitters through mist of darkness,

Then shall begin the wholeness

In  spreading  lights of hope.


Denim Deka,

Assam, India


Poem 9

Party’s Over


Clear up the glasses, empty the dregs,

Wipe up the spills of beer, the legs of wine,

Forget the passes made at the office party

By the artificially relaxed Jacks

At the Jills and Janes all free at Christmas

And the pole-axed Maxines and Maries

At the Bills and Daves, all cheer and frayed

At Christmas.


Clear up the messes; empty the guns,

Wipe up the spills of blood on the lane,

Ignore the messages on the office walls,

In the supermarkets, the massive attacks

On our ills and pains all free at New Year

And the fractious magazines. Cry your ‘Je Suis Charlie”s

And don’t fear. The party’s over but there’s always

Next year.


Michael Docker







Poem 10 – Angie ButlerDarkly Glass



Darkly glass




Words trickle down from the past

taking on a different meaning, still

as turning water into wine, a glass

becomes a mirror of reflection

familiarity lends a friendly

warmth to pious words

of saints through








and know in  part

as words are changed

and distorted over time but always stay faith hope and

charity and the greatest of these is charity and time and wine



Angie Butler