Week 39 – Entries and results

Photograph by Eleanor Bennett

Week 39 - Eleanor Bennett

A varied selection this time. Thanks to everyone who submitted. I enjoyed reading them all and I know the voters did. Once again there can only be one winner and this is Poem 6 (Untitled)  by Leela Gautam – first line Locked together forever. Congratulations to Leela, entering I think for the first time in our challenge.



Poem 1

Watch Me

Wrist watch still beats time,
scent of you, those fine brown hairs,
hidden deep pores,
your sweat times life blood.

The padlock hangs, hardened steel
gazing down on the canal below
unmoved, still swinging.

Both objects observed as you
removed earthly clothing
pushed your own naked body
down into that dirty water.

And now I am here
smelling what is left
crying small salt tears
on objects that watched your demise.

Andy Scotson


Poem 2

Time and the lock



I watch the minutes tick away. My time,

Like it’s hanging from a steel chord,

Goes nowhere; on hold, a paradigm

Unchanged by life’s changes. A word

Etched carefully where the watch edge swings

Reminds me I once knew some other things.


I watch the hours go by and pile

On the Roman face. My hardened days

Go slowly now, unmoved by the meanwhile

Of life’s demands; no matter what it says

The watch can’t promise any more;

I’ve had the hours I’ve had. What were they for?


I watch the days go by as if I’m caught,

Trapped between the morning and the night.

This isn’t what I planned, or hoped or thought

Would happen; but now it looks as if it might.

I wish that it would stop, the watching clock;

It won’t. My time has gone; time to undo the lock.


Michael Docker


 Poem 3



Hung on the wire  red leather

and steel suspend time

as the minutes lock away

his stunts, he stands proud

above the applause

his mind sees the message

engraved on the watch,

enforced by the lock ,

the command  – FOCUS!


Carolyn O’Connell


Poem 4

The Final Chapter

The proudest day for many a while.
A day to be savoured, recalled with a smile.
The end of an era, starting anew.
Relief that I made it, and gratitude too.

They gave me a watch and a good one at that.
Reward for long service and forty years stress.
For missed opportunities, ambition suppressed
And biting my tongue again no matter what.

It’s a good watch, a fine watch with real gold plate
And multiple functions: time and date.
A constant reminder of that special day;
The working life over and now time to play.

Each morning I check when it’s time to clock on
It tells me it’s lunch hour and when to drink tea.
If I nap for too long it makes me feel guilty.
And always reminds me of jobs I’ve not done.

I lost it today and I’m feeling confused.
It was something to treasure, not something to lose.
I should be distraught but I’m strangely elated;
I’m getting a feeling that I’ve long awaited.

A big change is coming, a new day is dawning
And no need for watches, there’s always the sun.
So what if I’m late getting up in the morning,
Now I’m really retired and it’s time for some fun.

Very glad that the deadline is now Monday,

much more convenient for me.


Martin John


Poem 5

Tinker of Time


He wants to tell everyone he sees today

what he’s done but no-one wants to hear,

all of them too much in a hurry,

going about their business, slipping by him,


a man gone in the head, they assume, or the worse for drink,

what’s he got to laugh so much about?

He’s making no sense.


They’ve no need to worry anymore

can’t they see? They need to wake up.


There’s all the time in the world

now he’s put a stop to it,

padlocked it for once and all,

stuck a spanner in the whole celestial works,

brought the clockwork universe with a groan of gears to a halt.


If there’s no time anymore,

what is it we are caught inside?

So step off the ferris wheel creaking on its pivot

and know what it is to float.


Know that everything lost is flooding back,

a rushing tide littered with spent cargo

to sift through forever.


But right now only he is standing free in all of this,

in the spotlight of a timeless zone,

his joy a roaring bonfire that will not go out.


David Mark Williams


Poem 6

Locked together forever,

Time stopped that moment,


A love,a promise made,

To have and to hold

In light or shade,

Silver ropes , carry hopes

Of a tomorrow.

It is secure .

Only you have the key

To start the clock and open the lock.


Leela Gautam


Poem 7

I Sent a Letter to My Love


The time is upside-down.


I set my watch at the time you—

Then I broke it; fixed it

On the cable strung across the bridge where you—

Next I took the padlock off my bike

And hung it there, as well, where you—


No! No, surely you did not, could not!

Your plan to meet my train at twelve o’clock


Was not the plan I’d thought you’d made for us that day.


Cruelly, you decided that you’d exit time;

So, now, you have eternity.


And so do I…without you. Yet, waiting

On this bridge, I’m locked up safe

Within your arms; my heart is padlocked.

Flowers I will tie here, too, with this quick note.

No! No, I’ll not forget: not now; not ever.


Oh, oh! The time is upside-down.


Lizzie Ballagher



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