Week 36 – entries and results

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Photograph by Chris Sims


This photograph brought out the romantic in many of you and a sense of loss and longing in others. The winner is Love by Dulen Gogoi. Congratulations to Dulen and many thanks to all who entered and voted.

Poem 1

The Colours of the Stones on the Tidemark


What crafts the stony beach?


So high they reach the pebbles,

It’s hard to run along a beach like this.


Each step, you’re picking up the weight

the stones in sequence for safekeeping, a coastline.


By hands in the tide, the dark ones go at the bottom

they’ve got secrets of former shorelines.


The shades of grey the stony beach.


Johanna Boal


Poem 2


waves rise on my sea,

she- the sailor.


I taste the blues,

it is wine…


On a no man’s land

now we are together,


on its shore


new pearls of love gather…


Dulen Gogoi


Poem 3

The Endless Sea


The endless sea

wraps silken arms of softness

holding, supporting, transporting

to a world of safety and strength.


The shifting sands

murmur messages

of warm summer days

moving in step with each other.


The taste of the spray,

and the salt on the wind,

shared in a kiss

of future togetherness.


The scent of the sea,

its freedom and fearlessness,

far off places to

saviour and search for.


We see them alone

and hope they stay strong,

as the sea to the shore

through the storm to the calm.


Angie Butler


Poem 4

Portland two


On Chesil Beach,

pebbles squeak

when unsteady feet grind

down the slope

to skim waves.

The shallow boats ignored,

ready for tomorrow’s launch

into a grim grey dawn.


It’s a hard life on the Isle

rock and sea in constant battle

a few miles out.

The Portland race a graveyard

for small fishing boats.

The tourists kiss and untangle

their hair before they turn,

head up the shifting shingle,

struggle to reach the car

before the lash of a storm.


Vicki Morley



Poem 5

The art and science of love and the sea.


Like scientists we love,

Playing on the sea-shore of our lives among the smooth pebbles

While the great ocean of love’s truth lies undiscovered before us.


Like poets we love,

Going down to the skies and seas of our loneliness,

Running out the boats of love’s dreams.


Like engineers we love,

Constructing for our lives structures to float us

Over the fathoms as they foam and surge.


Like lovers we love,

Taking, as if from the sea, light to our hearts,

Our kisses tanged, the boats of our lives upturned on love’s shore.


Michael Docker


Poem 6



I launched my message in a bottle

on a whim,

never dreaming that four women

would answer my plea,


would bathe off the island rock

where the waves wedged

my bottle and my words,

waterproof words,


save for my tears that fell

and smudged the word “love”

as though it were a phantom

of my imagination,


slippery as seaweed

and elusive to the touch

You are the last of four friends

to row out to meet me here


With the first three, I walked

the beaches of bright dreams,

and danced on the sands of hope,

but I see the ocean in your eyes


and even though we don’t speak

the same language,

I can feel our hearts beating

on the shores of eternity


 Clarissa McFairy