Week 30 – entries and results

Monday, 4 August 2014

Week 30 – photograph by Kevin Eagles

Thanks once again for the poems. The winner is Andy Scotson with Cake Tomorrow. Congratulations to Andy.

Poem 1

Cake Tomorrow


Small sticky hands

smear stained glass

pulled hard away

promise of cake tomorrow

screaming begins today

next day never comes

quick stepping backwards

always one ahead

of the child


Andy Scotson


Poem 2

In praise of fruit cake


You can keep your orange and teal banded sponge

and the cerise Swiss roll with Carmen Miranda fruits,

rainbow cupcakes in lemon and lime,

cerise and vermilion, football strip colours,

melt-in-the-mouth, gone in a moment.

These are cakes for flibbertigibbets.



Give me a slice of fruit cake, dark, rich mature

Stuffed with the fruits of the East,

English cherries, Greek almonds, molasses,

golden yolked eggs from happy hens,

a flare of spice, a hint of rum,

deeply satisfying, made to last.


Diane Jackman


Poem 3

Eyes play tricks


Things aren’t always what they seem

Look closer at us and you might

see we are towels bright and pretty

Not a real cake or bun in sight

Come on in, admire us won’t you?

Such delights you’ve never seen

Apples that are bath bombs pretty

Flannels look like double cream

Chocolate logs and lemon soufflé

Topped with cherries bright and red

But don’t eat us for we tricked you

Use us in the bath instead

Amanda Clement-Raygill


Poem 4


Cherry on top


A vision is shown of untold wealth,

layer upon layer,

stacked on a shelf.


Here you are, all shapes, sorts and sizes

Are you children of the world

full of future surprises?


Each having a special cherry on top,

some will taste success,

but some will not


Some will deliver on every bite,

but some will be left abandoned

and disappear from sight.


Angie Butler