Week 29 – entries and results

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Photograph by Chris Sims

Some very evocative poems this week. The winner is Alison Hill with Rendevouz at Noon. Congratulations to Alison ,well done to everyone who responded with poems and thank you to the voters. From the comments I know these were very much enjoyed.

Poem 1

Dreams of Greece


Every night I dreamt

of dancing in the temple;

through the portal of dreams

I swam in seal glazed seas,

the calmness of aquamarine

holding my supple body

like a goddesses embrace.


Each morning I woke

to find myself back in bed;

finding myself inside

the blankness of a room

which I tried to fill with colour.

In daytime I had treatments,

in my dreams I had of Greece

I found healing, joy and peace.


Beverley Ferguson


Poem 2

Holiday Passage


Holiday passage where will you lead me

Perhaps astray to a bar, a taverna

Where I will drink raki till the sun comes up

With friends who I have yet to meet


Or maybe you lead to an oasis of calm

A palm tree lined beach with a view of the sea

A scene of tranquillity

Where I’ll relax on a lounger and listen to the waves lap the shore


Maybe if I walk through you I will risk danger

An adventure beyond my wildest dreams

Dusky ladies and spies with guns

A real passage to excitement



Holiday passage wherever you lead me, Know this

I will linger a while in your cool shade

Catch my breath

And maybe just maybe

Emerge wearing a different hat


Amanda Clement-Raygill


Poem 3

The Path


Never smooth

it twists and turns, or goes uphill for ever

or ends, in a shut door early-with a bang!

That path is worn with tears of those who share the pain.


Distant views of promises beckon and hidden highways lure,

snares of pride and property, snatch with fingers stained with greed.

Left or right along the road, distractions are the sign posts, we will follow,

choice, the map.


Wear your hats of happiness with pride,

carry with you, your bags of joy and triumph,

leave behind the darkness of the past

and step with lightness to the sun.


Angie Butler


Poem 4

Ode for Today


Did Aphrodite walk through here?

Agamemnon, Pandora, Hercules –

Going to give love, to take Troy,

To keep hope in her jar,

To steal apples?

No one knows.


Now, with her need for love and trinkets,

His taking from this town,

Her eye for hats, bags and jars of local produce,

His stealing of two weeks of sun

The only hope for all his labours,

This is where the tourist goes.


Michael Docker


Poem 5

The cobbled path


At home the windy mall

is wide-paved and hostile.

Bargains scream at me

in fluorescent shades

matched by cheapjack clothes.

and techno trash.


But here I am drawn inexorably along

the cobbled path through

the beckoning doors under

the narrow arch into

the mystery of the space beyond, where

I know

I will find

what I’m looking for.


Diane Jackman


Poem 6

Rendezvous at Noon


He sees her shadow before she arrives,

lurking nervously, willing her to keep walking.

Sunlight filters through the archway, strokes

her hair, softens her features. She is here, now.

He can’t bear exposure, grabs a straw hat

in his just defence, lowers the brim.


They meet halfway along the cobbles,

beneath beams, sheltered from the noonday sun.

She has hidden her gaze beneath a similar straw,

but as the church clock strikes twelve they raise

their eyes in a half greeting, willing the years

to dissolve, secrets to untangle.


Alison Hill