Cardboard City by Johanna Boal

Thursday, 31 July 2014

A popular poet on Poetry Space, Johanna’s work has regularly appeared amongst the shortlisted poems in the photo and poem challenge and in Poetry Space Quarterly Showcase.

Johanna recently launched Cardboard City at The Beverley Festival in Yorkshire, UK.



Here is a sample poem from the book:

Carnival Ride



Each time the Ferris wheel appears

it’s bigger and better than its rival,

launching, then gradually rotating,

up, up to meet the same sovereignty

the big blue skies. Happily spinning

Turning out loud squeals and laughter

like your colours Ferris wheel.

Looking down from the top

when it stops, the life all seems

so far away, the families and friends.

Promptly the whirling makes a humming

moving back down, coming nearer,

queues, trees, bridges as large as the skies.



ISBN: 978-1-909404-16-8 28 pages,  booklet. Retail Price £4.00