Week 26 – entries and results

Friday, 13 June 2014

Week 26 – photograph by Kevin Eagles

Just six poems submitted for the above photograph. Please read and vote for your favourite by Saturday 21st June at 10am please. Personally I think they are all fantastic. Thank you if you are amongst the poets submitting.


Poem 1



I’ve heard of wearing

hearts on your sleeve

the heart of the matter

a heart-to-heart talk

but lying snug

beneath a satin heart

is something else.


I’ve heard of Heartsease

small broken hearts

spreading purple and yellow

among the stones

but who thought up

their nickname



And of course I know

how two hearts can beat

in the jazzed-up rhythms

of love-making –

beneath an open window

heart-shaped flowers

reflect on their other name




Moira Andrew


Poem 2

Paper Smile



A paper smile,

but the heart  crumples,

dark, the colour of your veins,

as you lay.

Days darken ever darker, until

There’s a blood red

centre of sadness.


A world stained to the core.

The paper, skin thin,

distorted and changed.

The eyes wide away tears

as the fingers of grief

point and spear,

jab and jibe.


A normal day tries to show its face

but the ribbons of family,

lie fallen,

torn and useless

in the warmth of the sunshine,

masking the

centre of sadness.


Angie Butler


Poem 3

Dear Granny,


I made you a gift out of pink tissue paper – today.

The nursery nurse said, ‘Very good.’


I know you like pink,

because you told me

when you were knitting your long pink cardigan.


The nursery nurse helped me to cut out the hearts

and stick them on the pink tissue paper.


Yellow like an egg yolk,

green like a leaf,

red for love.


I told the nursery nurse I couldn’t see the red love,

she said that didn’t matter.

We stuck on the red heart.


I drew your smiley face

all by myself,

I hope you like it,

because I love you.


The nursery nurse said, that was a good thing to say.




Gloria X X X X X


Maureen Weldon


Poem 4

The size of love


They said to her, ‘draw what makes us wise.’

She drew what she saw in a thin smile

and spidery, staring eyes.


They said to her, ‘and make it art’;


And all she could draw, crumpled,

many-coloured, swelling from a small centre

to a great big surrounding rainbow

meaning everything


was a heart.


Michael Docker


Poem 5

The Fairy of the Kitchen Sink

An ordinary fairy just snooping around,

Squashed by fortune, on the stacked plates

Someone laden the table ware and I got caught!

My wings compressed against a bone china dish

My delicate dress still with a smidgeon of charm

And my wand quietly, washes the plates.

Johanna Boal


Poem 6


Slouched abandoned hearts
ready for flight settle on
wrinkled blush pink paper
extending opened wings.

Undone, dissected by surgeons’
hands, reveal emotion’s arteries
the black stripes of confusion
fill fluent vessels overlaid

by a cadmium heart throbbing
with unmet desire, an emerald
cat’s eye births a wing
of blue sapphire at its heart
find the core of ruby
the first to fly.

Watched over by quizzing
eyes these painted butterflies
perch on a pink paper runway
ready for take-off
from paper grass, paper paths.

Carolyn O’Connell