Week 20 – entries and results

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Week 20 – Photograph by Kate Blair

Just three entries for week 20 and the winner is Lutra Lutra by Kevin Eagles. Congratulations.

Poem 1



Slinky, silver, soft fur,

calm me.

Sharp, pointy claws,

remind me


Small, black, inquisitive nose,

teach me.

Button eyes,

alert me.


Sturdy tail,

support me.

Searching whiskers,

find me.


Fast and agile otter-

Quicken me

Inquisitive otter-

Show me

Playful otter-

Allow me

to notice the simple things


Angie Butler

and learn to have fun.


Poem 2

Lutra Lutra

Dive, splish, splosh,
Splash, bloop, gulp
Fast as a fish,
Sly as a stoat
Hunger inspires you
As does adventure
The things you have seen
From the river bank
Several journeys
Incomplete tales
Dart, jump, claw
Leap, stop, stare


Kevin Eagles


Poem 3


He climbed down the three small branches
and entered the smoke room
shaking water from sleek, glowing sides
he coughed.

“Bloody tourists,”
the gang had a rule
no swimming in daylight,
so as often as they could
all the busy day they sat, smoked and played cards.

“End circus freak shows” was their motto
and Otto was out to make it stick
while people stared at the mirky pond
craving for movement, seeing a flicker were there was none
they sat it out.

Only when food appeared
then like olympic swimmers
they span and dived
plunged and twirled
streamline shape seamless
spinning through water
collecting fish fast
before returning to their lair.

Licking lips and lounging
maybe cracking a can
cursing a clumsy visitor
or a hasty keeper
before getting on with chilling by the pool.


Andy Scotson