Update on photographers and poets

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just had a look back this morning and thought it would be good to do a recap on the challenge so far. Photographers who have taken part are:

Chris Sims, Alex Rotas, Ira Joel Heber, Kate Blair, Rachel McPhee-Benson, Roger Leege, George Stein,Kevin Eagles, Taz Baldwin, Steve Aukett, Mac Macree, Ariba Ahmed and winning poets so far are: Gill McEvoy, Di Coffey, Diane Jackman, Audrey Arden-Jones, Eileen Carney Hulme, Anna Maria Mickiewicz, Geraldine Green, Shay Crinkle, Maureen Weldon, David Mark Williams, Corey-Jan Albert, Anita Pinto, Sarah Miles, Janice Windle, Stephanie Arsoska, Angie Butler,Andy Scotson, Carolyn O’Connell, Kevin Eagles, Michael Docker. 

Well done to everyone. We now have about a third of the material needed for the book.