Week 18 – entries and results

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Photograph by Ira Joel Haber



For the second week in a row, the winner of the poetry space poem and photo challenge is Andy Scotson with Just the Once.  This is very well deserved as Andy has entered poems most week’s for the challenge. And now two wins. Congratulations Andy!! In close second place was Sarah Blayney with The Catch. Again well done. Thanks to everyone who entered.


Poem 1

The Marriage of a Secret Sea Maiden


The lace waves, gasps for breath,

I read the weight of each step

as she wades from me,

water congregating at my feet.


The air rushes her hair, her hips

sway like a good day at sea.

The current catches her lips

drags them towards I do.


A torrent of rain turns her back.

Her ring holding hand

brings the flood,

a storm,


My heart capsizes,

the water rises,

I slip under

her gaze.


I hear the mermaids call,

our hands always made music

out at sea. The blue

opened it’s doors for us.


It should have been me

tending that sail

thought to pure, to white

for the touch of my black hands.


Stephanie Arsoska


Poem 2

Riddle me thee and now riddle me thrice

I was a person not so very nice


Bereft of mother my father spoiled me

My fiancé Compeyson set to flee

I warped Estella to hurt men-kind whole

Wrecking their essence, shattering their souls


My heart worn away like a lost stranger

Ice in veins of inverted dowager

Broken ornate pottery yet still proud

I’m consoled by this faded wedding shroud


Alas dear Estella, alas poor Pip

This brittle heart still has a conscience pricked

Forgive wicked ways, damage I have done

Bless my sweet daughter and my gentle son


Kevin Eagles


Poem 3

Twenty Five Years Ago I Said I Do

Click-click, click-clack the loom went

To make a fabric that made my dress

All the preparation involved just to say I do

My make-up, hair, garter and flowers

Perfection, was walking on air.

All the parents, aunts, cousins and friends

Came to watch the woven cloth and to hear I do.

Looking back, the time that’s gone,

Now in the loft it could remain

Old, new, borrowed or blue.


Johana Boal


Poem 4

The Catch

She didn’t expect to feel the way she did.
Bereft and Left.

She thought that life would be much kinder.
Softer than Soft.

Instead the coldness came harshly, suddenly.
Frozen and Brazen.

It was the shock of the unexpected leaving.
Horror and Stupor.

At the altar, too – not an ideal time.

Gulping back tears.
The realization that he’d not arrived.


Alison Blayney



Poem 5

Just The Once

And I run calloused hand
through weightless silk
still smell slight
aroma of last nights smoke.

See through tresses
I see my nails
bitten and sore
through your glorious transparency.

a crime scene
a memory
combined in fabric
tears roll free.

as I picture
the occupant
the fire
the wedding.


Andy Scotson


Poem 6

Sadder than Death

The folds of your skin

stretch and cling

to a life you

are so tired of.

The echo of your faded smile

and the laughter lines

gone in torment and sadness.

Your breath hangs on a thread,

aching to drop

through the net of

a life too weary to care.

I fold you hands in mine,

lay my skin next to yours.

Sadder than death,

I am surrounded by the darkness

of a future without you.


Angie Butler


Poem 7

Prom Queen


Pink Taffeta –

though you only noticed blue. Her mouth

like the Summer’s night we fell for;

eyes naked as the full moon

in whose light she danced and in whose

shadows, I closed mine.

Left hanging in the virginal womb

of adolescent infatuation,

waves of woven silk

crash through dreams. Discarded

debt and crumpled pride

will, in tomorrow’s eyes, be

ironed-out and re-attached

to the unforgiving lining

of this delicately blushing



Hannah Teasdale