Sylvia Perry at The Hours Cafe and Bookshop

Poetry Space poet Sylvia Perry and her friend Celia Solaris at The Hours Cafe and Bookshop in Brecon. This will be the venue for the launch of Sylvia’s brand new collection, A Kindness on St David’s Day (1st March)

The Hours Café and Bookshop, Brecon on Saturday, 1st March 6:30 pm.

The book contains a sequence of poems about Sylvia’s experience of  hospital life from the patient’s perspective and is available ahead of the launch from the Poetry Space online shop.

Sylvia Perry is a poet of the over-looked moment – of the delicacy andnuance in the ordinary and everyday. She writes with clarity, her words chiming small events, understanding and marking beauty or emotional response. Her hospital sequence is unguarded and utterly plain – and should be on the syllabus of every medical student and NHS manager – offering a heartfelt and accurate account of life in a ward. This is a strong and very honest voice.

– Rose Flint


It’s great to finally see this accomplished selection of Sylvia Perry’s own poetry, the author being someone who has facilitated other people’s work for quite some time. These poems grow out of consideration for how things are; they share in our commonality of social concern; and, importantly, they listen to people.

– Graham Hartill