Week Six – the winning poem

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Week Six of the Photo and Poetry challenge brought in an extremely high standard of entries and I would have been happy to include any of the ten shortlisted poems in the book.

However the winner is A Grey Coat by Anna Maria Mickiewicz.

Congratulations to Anna. It is a powerful poem.

Other close contenders vying for top position were once again Andy Scotson with Scale and Focus, Reflecting by Eileen Carney Hulme and  Covert – One Last Photograph by Chaucer Cameron   These three all got an equal number of votes.

Very well done to you all and thanks are due to Steve Aukett for the intriguing photograph.



A grey coat

In a grey coat, leaning on a bench, collecting dispersed thoughts,

Nietzsche was terrifying once, with remote grandeur.

Power overcomes weakness.


Now it is just a Dionysian fairy tale on the glowing screen.

A silhouette darkened by fog will leave a mark in the flame of memory.

Power overcome by weakness.


Anna Maria Mickiewicz