Christmas Newsletter 2013

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Dear Poetry Space Supporters,

I have now wrapped most of the presents, started to prepare food for  the family and friends arriving in three days and starting to feel a twinge of excitement which is very unusual for me. As many of you know Christmas day was my dear mother’s birthday. She died in 2008 and I think I spent so many year’s trying to make it special for her that when she died it was hard to still enjoy the day without thinking “It’s Mum’s birthday and she’s missing it”.  Hope all is well with you all. I know Christmas is wonderful for some, difficult for so many.

Thank you to everyone who ordered books for Christmas. I know you will enjoy them. Poetry Space poets are “simply the best”.

I need to remind you that there is a lovely blank canvas over at the Poetry Space blog just waiting for your Christmas related poems and photographs.

Just send to by Christmas Eve please to see them appear as if by magic on

Straight after Christmas look out for the Saturday photo and poem challenge. (28th December) There will be a brand new photograph for you to respond to in poetic form. This has been immensely popular and I know many people have missed it.

Finally Poetry Space says a BIG THANKYOU to its new “friends” too. These are the lovely people, and you know who you are, who have taken out PS friends membership and paid £15 to help the work of Poetry Space. For your money you get free gifts, 2 for 1 entry in the annual PS competition and a printed commemorative copy of Poetry Showcase Quarterly which is becoming the place to have your work seen. If you are a PS “friend” I have signed copies of Like It is by Philip Lyons and Catching Light by Margaret Eddershaw available exclusively for you to buy on a first come first served basis if you would like one. They are both beautiful books.



PS See below for a poem about my Mum in happy times.

Coke Floats


At eighty

Mum was still making coke floats


She’d fill a tall glass with cola

then slip in a lump of yellow ice-cream

Cornish is best,


and watch the island bob and hiss

and shrink in size

as bubbles gnawed away at its edges.


When the show was almost over,

she’d push in a straw,

and suck away until it was gone


Copyright Susan Jane Sims