Catching Light by Margaret Eddershaw

Saturday, 7 December 2013





72 pages, PUR bound in UK. ISBN 978-1-909404-08-3 £7.95

Sample poems from Catching Light:






Mandela’s cell

for eighteen years:

three paces by two,

high bar shadows


on the concrete floor

his folded blanket


tin plate

and mug,

a still-life.


The guide tells

of whites’ daily


then with pride:

This was our university,

we learned to read and write,

using secret scraps.


On his sheened cheek

a solitary tear.


Margaret Eddershaw



In a forgotten drawer

my father’s wooden rule,

brass-hinged to unfold

sideways and lengthways

for measuring boat timbers.


I hear the slap and click

of its closing,

before I can say ‘lifeboat’,

see it vanish

into that long pocket

on the thigh of blue overalls.


Indicator of his precision

love of numbers

a life measured

in feet and inches

business takings

cricket scores

football pools

bingo calls.


His emotions kept in check,

marked off by pencil,

held in columns,

buttoned up in cardigans,

till an outburst

a sea-squall soon past.


Now he’s gone

to talk spans and cubits

and dead-reckoning

with Noah.


Margaret Eddershaw