Results for Week 2 – the winning poem

Friday, 1 November 2013

Thank you to everyone who sent in poems for this week’s challenge. There was a superb range from the moving to the humorous.

Thank you to everyone who took time to vote, This is much appreciated and resulted in every poem receiving at least one vote and Poem 5  (by Andy Scotson) and Poem 6 (Di Coffey) engaging in a closely fought contest with Di Coffey’s poem coming out on top by just one vote.

Di’s poem received 11 votes and Andy’s ten.

Congratulations to Di Coffey and well done to Andy Scotson for coming so close to winning.


Here is the winning poem along with the photograph (by Taz Baldwin)  that inspired it:


Speeding Backwards

I feel drizzle

dampen my hair

but I’m not cold.

Just angry.


The hedgerows

are racing me.

brambles blur,

blackberries tumble.


Cows, waiting

to be milked,

squelch in pongy mud

around field gates


and a horse

whinnies, startled

by the swoosh

as I sail past.


If I skate backwards

I’ll turn the clock back

to when Mum and Dad

were happy.


To a time when

I was happy.

When we were a family.

Before Dad left us.


Di Coffey