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Wednesday, 18 September 2013



Cat, cat, don’t go into the garden,
because there is a wolf
and he might eat you
Cat, cat,

© Lexi Lou, age 5

Sunset by the River

A fluttering breeze
By the sunset.
Dim light

Birds flying to the sun

Like a dim lit candle.
So beautiful
I feel so small.

© Eesha Thaker, age 7

Eesha Thaker is 7 years old and goes to 2nd grade class of Ms. Susan Buck at Dows Lane Elementary School in Irvington, NY. She loves nature and outdoors and carries a notebook around to write about her observations of nature.



What do you Hear?

What do you hear outside your window?
Trembling and frightened,
Trembling and frightened.

Let’s go outside
Of your front door,
your front door,

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, age 16

What do you see?
What do you see outside?

Out jumped a fox –
Looking for its tea.

She ran back inside
Trembling with fright
Trembling with fright

”˜What’s the matter?’ her mother said,
”˜What’s the matter Lucy?’
There’s a fox outside,’ she said.
Trembling with fright.

© Lexi Lou, age 5