Photographs from The Edge of the World!!

In July we launched Through a Child’s Eyes: Poems From World War Two at The Edge of the World Bookshop in Penzance. We are thrilled that Rachel and James, the bookshop owners were willing to host this and it was a lovely celebration for a really special book.

Our lovely anthology on the bookshelves at Edge of the World Bookshop.


Our anthology Through A Child’s Eyes: Poems From World War Two (edited by Moira Andrew)  started with just one poem, submittted to Poetry Space by Moira Andrew. It was called Siren Suit. I loved the fact that it was a slice of history told by someone who had lived through the experience of being a child during this traumatic period as well as being a beautifully constructed poem. I knew that there must be more poets out there with stories to tell through poetry and that if we could put a fair number together we could create a book that would not only be worth reading by poetry fans, but would also capture a part of social history largely forgotten or ignored, that is the experience of the children.

Moira and I also feel that this book fills a gap. There is some poetry from the Second World gathered into anthologies but not much and when I researched I could not find anything written by children or by people who were children during the war.


Moira reading to a captive audience!!

Whilst the poets cannot travel back in time and write as the children they were then many have portrayed key moments of a war through a child’s eyes from the initial radio broadcast that marked the beginning of hostilities to the celebrations and aftermath. These poems say it all.


Just some of the poets with their very proud publisher!!







Photographs on this page by Moira’s daughter Jenny.

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