Through a Child’s Eyes: Poems From World War Two chosen by Moira Andrew

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Through a Child’s Eyes brings together some of the best known poets          writing today together with  brand new names in the poetry world. It         represents a full range of childhood  war time experience: being looked after by strangers in unfamiliar surroundings, arriving here in the UK as a refugee unable to communicate, herded onto cattle trucks, sheltering from the bombs, losing family members, seeing soldiers on the streets, living with daily rationing and living with the trauma of having survived the huge loss of family and friends. It reminds us too, how children are often left to work out what is going on for themselves because the adults don’t tell them anything. Yet these children also had fun. There are playtimes and rivalries, favourite toys and games. Above all this book is about the child’s capacity to get on with the business of being a child despite everything and to survive.