Voices in the City – a free day of poetry at Bath Central Library

As part of the Independent Bath Literary Festival, 28 poets will be at Bath Central Library (The Podium, Bath) tomorrow – 1st March for Voices in the City

The full programme for the day is as follows:

10.50 Colin Brown from Poetry Can will open the day.

11am Cover Stories (Knucklebone Poets) with Rosie Jackson, Caroline Heaton, Claire Coleman, Heidi Beck and Ray Fussell

11.40am Out of True (Bristol Poets) with Pameli Benham, Deborah Harvey, Stewart Carswell and David C. Johnson

12.20 Food Matters (Wells Poets) With Rachael Clyne, Ama Bolton, Sara Butler and David Cloke

1.05 Lunchtime guest Martin Parker

1.40pm Waving and Drowning (Bluegate Poets, Swindon) with Hilda Sheehan, Jo Bell, Sam Loveless, Christina Newton and Wendy Klein

2.20pm Becoming Art (Faces Poets) With Shirley Wright, Claire Dyer and Cathy Wilson

3pm Ark Music (Ark Music Poets) With Lesley Saunders, Nikki Kennna, Jill Sharp, Susan Utting and Susan Jane Sims

3.45 Short readings by the day organisers Sara- Jane Arbury and Frances-Anne King

4pm Colin Brown will end the day.


I would of course love you to come and watch Ark Music as I am one of the poets performing. Here’s the introduction to this:


What can poets do for a world in peril?  They can bear witness as they have always done; put their words out into the world and hope to be heard. Competition for the world’s resources has led to climate change, to a huge loss of animal and plant species and to the clearing away of traditional ways of life across this planet. In Ark Music: Poems for the Endangered Earth you will hear five women’s voices speaking out in celebration of earth’s creatures, in mourning for what can never be recovered and in wondering tone, looking ahead to what may be in store for all of us in this “brave new world” of all our making.

Poems for Ark Music were written by the performers listed in the programme above and Sue Boyle who also organised both the set and the whole day.

Regular supporters of Poetry Space will recognise some of the names above.  Deborah Harvey was highly commended in Poetry Space Competition 2010 and David C Johnson  and David C. Johnson features in Words that Signify, the latest competition anthology from Poetry Space.