Poet Dave Wood helps to save an ancient forest…

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Arts project helps save ancient forest”¦

Poetry broadsheet launch at Annesely

The Creative Perambulations of Sherwood Forest (funded by Arts Council England and the National Lottery) has had unexpected results; writer, Dave Wood’s project, has contributed to the saving [from housing development] of Little Oak Plantation in Annesely Nottinghamshire.


The project was supported by the Woodland Trust who were able to offer ACCESS (Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements) expert advice for their campaign.  The wood was surveyed and found to contain many indicators of ancient woodland.  As a result, Natural England have recommended that it be included in the Ancient Woodland Inventory.  In addition, the whole wood is now subject to a Tree Preservation Order.


Kaye Brennan from the Woodland Trust says, The Perambulations definitely brought the case at Annesley more fully to the Trust’s attention, and, on top of general guidance around opposing unnecessary development, we were able to offer ACCESS advice regarding the identification of non-mapped ancient woodland, as well as bring one of our experts to the site who confirmed the old coppice oak. (end quote)


On Saturday October 20th 2012, the finale of the Creative Perambulations of Sherwood Forest, a massive re-created walk of the 1662 circumnavigation of the boundaries of Sherwood Forest was held at the Acacia Centre, Annesley.  The morning launched a free broadsheet of a selection of creativity from the project; Dave had spent many days collecting and typing up poems and stories from communities from the ninety-mile historic ramble.


During the launch, a large percentage of the audience also became performers of the poems and stories.

Afterwards Bob Collier, Vice Chairman of  ACCESS (Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements) thanked Dave and the Woodland Trust for their inspiration in advising ACCESS  research the origins of Little Oak Plantation.  Bob said “Thank you Dave for your help, advice and involvement in helping to secure the future of Little Oak Plantation.  Your walk made us realise that Little Oak Plantation was possibly part of the Ancient Sherwood Forest and it required urgent classification as it was subject to a planning application.  Your advice and the contacts recommended by you have over this last year helped us to achieve our aim in getting Little Oak Plantation classified by Natural England as Ancient Woodland.  It also been granted SINC status (Local Wildlife Site) and Ashfield District Council have implemented a permanent Tree Preservation Order on the woodland in its entirety.”   Ashfield District Council turned down the planning application for 97 houses and the associated drainage works in the woodland in November 2011.  A subsequent appeal  by the applicant was withdrawn.


Dave says, ”˜This is the first time this walk has been undertaken for three hundred and fifty years; it was a massive community experience so it was important the launch reflected this; I had no shortage of volunteers to stand up and read with me’. [end quote].


As well as performing, the audience created ”˜Tree shirts’, using fabric pens to draw branches and twigs on their own t-shirts.


Afterwards, a small section of participants and audience joined Bob Collier from ACCESS to admire the saved area of woodland.


If anyone would like a copy of the broadsheet of The Creative Perambulations of Sherwood Forest, they can contact Dave Wood on O77O9977684 or davewrite2002@ yahoo.com.  You can see more about the project at http://creativesherwoodforestperambulations.blogspot.co.uk/

Dave Wood’s poetry regularly features on Poetry Space.