Fiona Murphy and Michelle Last – new authors for Poetry Space

Monday, 12 March 2012

Here at Poetry Space we will shortly be releasing our very first book for children, a poetry collection by Fiona Murphy and Michelle Last.  Fiona, who has M.E and spinal stenosis started work on the book after having to give up her job. She met talented artist Michelle through Poetry Space and the book was born.

The book will be available for pre-order from  The Poetry Space online shop very shortly at £5.99.

Wendy French, winner of The Hippocrates Prize for Poetry in 2010 has had a sneak preview of the book. This is what she had to say about it:


Fiona Murphy and Michelle Last’s collaboration as poet and

illustrator for ”˜Down the Plughole’ can be described in one  word,

”˜delightful’. These charming poems and drawings  demonstrate the

strength and talent of both poet and illustrator. The words  and

pictures will appeal to any young child and indeed will amuse adults

as  well. The poems are fun but serious too. In ”˜Why Mum’ there are

questions about the universe that will be interest any child and

prompt  thinking, ”˜Where does the sun go at night?’ In another poem

the  moon says to the cloud, ”˜I can change the tide. What can you

do?’ And the cloud answers. Read the poem to find out the answer!


The poems in this collection work on many levels and the book

deserves a  place on any child’s book case.

The delightful cover for Down the Plughole designed by Michelle Last