Review: Beneath the Dreaming Tree – David R Morgan

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Poems by David R Morgan
We are conceived, we are born, we live, we sleep, we dream, we die! This is the journey we take with David through an intensity of personal emotion and experience reaching deep into the subconscious, into history, into space and grace.

We share the surreal Ghosts Dancing in the Moonlight ”˜bone-weary, grief-dancing ghosts, whilst their families sleep aboard this injured world’. We relate to ”˜My father sawed my mother in half every night’ in Sawdust and other pieces as we share nostalgic, philosophical childhood thoughts and experiences . . . ”˜the boredom of childhood is a fruitful loom’. We wistfully absorb Nuances of Sunlight, Floating Past White Mountains and smile gently and wryly with Red Riding Hood at Fifty.

We travel with Victoria College schoolboy WWII evacuees from their ”˜Great Hall where Lily Langtree posed for Millais’ in Jersey to ”˜an unfamiliar Shire County Shore. In Bedford School John Bunyan became your Victor Hugo’. A study of the reality of time in words ”˜cyclotron motion, iridescent feathers, helical trajectories’ assures the reader in 2012 that ”˜we all glance off it, like stones off a pond’.

David Morgan’s writings over the years have taken children on vast imagination trails of comedic characters, quips and tales. His more mature readers are used to intellectual and emotional Olympics, as each unique text challenges the mind, outlook and provides a deep thoughtprovoking challenge to the soul.

With titles like Monkey Stops Whistling, My Snowman’s Albert Einstein and Post Modern Sheep, this new collection is no exception.
Beneath The Dreaming Tree ”˜says it all’.

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