poetry space workshop

workshop twelve


If you are in the UK you will have been experiencing a heatwave over recent days. For this latest workshop I would like you to explore the theme of heat. How has it made you feel, energetic or totally wiped out? Do you argue more with your partner or friends when it is hot? What happens to your garden or the landscape around you when it’s hot? How does it affect pets or wildlife.

Try writing a poem that captures the very essence of heat; its heaviness, its oppressiveness.

If you need some help take a look at this poem by Hilda Doolittle:





O wind, rend open the heat,

cut apart the heat,

rend it to tatters.


Fruit cannot drop

through this thick air–

fruit cannot fall into heat

that presses up and blunts

the points of pears

and rounds the grapes.


Cut the heat–

plough through it,

turning it on either side

of your path.


Hilda Doolittle (1881 – 1961)

Or consider other types of heat. Have you ever stood watching a glass blower at work or a blacksmith?  Or have you worked in a hot kitchen?
Please send in your poems by Sunday 9th July for comments please. Send to susan@poetryspace.co.uk