About Poetry Space

Founded in 2010, Poetry Space Limited is a company that is dedicated to promote and nurture creative expression without fear, judgement or prejudice. We believe in organic, sustainable creative growth, bearing in mind quality, collaboration and care in all our products and services.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES – updated 30.03.17

Poetry Space Annual Competition – This  closed on June 30th. Entries are being judged. 

Submission Guidelines: Quarterly Showcase: Unpublished poems are accepted all the year round and will be considered for the next available showcase. However latest date that your poems need to be in by for the Autumn Showcase Is August 10th. Poems for the showcase must not have appeared in other journals or magazines. We will accept poems from your own collections but please make this clear. Poems not chosen for one edition will be held on file and reconsidered for the next edition by a new editor, then dropped to make way for new material.  All poems are now selected anonymously by our guest editors.  All submissions should be marked SHOWCASE . Please accompany your submission with a cover sheet listing poem titles, your name, e-mail contact details and your country.

Submission guidelines: Photo and Poem Challenge: This is now closed for entries. Look out for updates on funding progress.

Submission guidelines – Young Writers Space.  This page is specifically for submissions from young people up to and including the age of 18 and accepts a variety of work. However if you are between 16 and 18 and write poetry, do also consider competing with the adults and sending your poems for consideration by the Quarterly Showcase editors. Particularly consider this if you are writing about more mature subjects. Please ask if unsure.

Anthology calls: 

There are no current anthology calls. 

Other  services :

Mentoring – As a qualified counsellor and experienced poet I can help with confidence building and help you to develop your poetry writing.

Leaflets, booklets for weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, birthdays. Specially commissioned poems. Please enquire.


Collections: Financed by Poetry Space and self- financing. Due to the volume of collections in the pipeline Poetry Space is currently not accepting submissions for collections of poetry by individual poets for the foreseeable future.  As soon as the situation changes I will post news here.

Submissions and enquiries to susan@poetryspace.co.uk


Susan Jane Sims FRSA – Founder & Editor

As a  reader and writer of poetry over a lifetime , work gathered momentum  after taking a free-fall writing course with Angelika Weinrich at the Gestalt centre in London in 2009.  Suddenly I wasn’t scared any more; the course helped me to get past my inner censor and to write from a much deeper place within. Now with numerous poems in print I  encourage others to find their voice through poetry and love running workshops with both adults and children.  Apart from Poetry Space, my  current interests are in developing my reading  and performing voice for poetry and I take  up every possible opportunity to do this through my involvement with Bath Poetry Cafe and Second Light Network of Women Poets.

My first full collection  A number of things you should know was published in June 2015 and is available from  Indigo Dreams Publishing

My pamphlet collection, Irene’s Daughter has proved popular amongst general readers and particularly those recently bereaved. If you are a counsellor or therapist and want a copy for use working with clients please ask for a free copy. It is also available in the PS online shop.

I am a long term member of Lapidus, the organisation for wellbeing through reading and writing. I was the administrator of the national organisation from 2011 to 2014 and before that chair and regional organiser for the South West Of England.

Each Autumn for the past eight years I have worked with Year Six children (10 and 11 year olds) encouraging and  inspiring them to write poems, through Somerset based organisation Threshold Prize. Sadly this has come to an end with final sessions in Autumn 2015 and the schools receiving prizes in Summer 2016. However if you would like me to visit your school and inspire the children with a similar style workshop please get in touch with me now by using the contact form.

I would love to be a poet in residence somewhere so if your organisation is in reasonable public transport travelling distance from Bristol or Bath please do get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

In December 2014 I became a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and look forward to meeting, linking up online with other fellows and collaborating in projects that have the potential to promote social change.

In February this year (2016), I was delighted to be on the judging panel for a regional Poetry by Heart competition in Hampshire. This took place at Oaklands School.

I am currently working on a brand new collection and enjoying sharing its progress at Project 2017, a Bath based initiative organised by Sue Boyle.



It’s Now or Never


I can’t remember whether it was hot

that day in August. I just remember

I was cooped up in the caf with Marge

when the news came through,

and she was cleaning the tea bar,

scrubbing away at the same stretch

of steel until it mirrored her sweaty

face. Poor Elvis, she kept saying,

poor, poor Elvis, over and over again.

And then a burst of song: It’s now or never,

come hold me tight. Just that, a five

second burst. And I thought,

I never knew you could sing Marge.

I’ve known you for ten years

and I never knew you could sing.

Susan Jane Sims


This poem  was published in a competition anthology in 2012 by Ek Zuba press.


Freelance Editors:

Eleanor Bennett is currently editing our Young Writers and Artists Space. Eleanor is an award winning photographer and her photographs have appeared on the covers of numerous magazines. Contact by e-mail at eleanor@poetryspace.co.uk She has provided artwork for Margaret Eddershaw’s  collection Catching Light, the 2014 competition anthology, nothing recognisable as human and short story pamphlet, Revelations.

Wendy French  edited a first full collection by Margaret Eddershaw,  a prizewinner in Poetry Space competition 2012. Wendy won The International Hippocrates Prize for Poetry  in 2010.

Richard Gall  edited That Sweet Name like Magic Has Made Me by Michael Kawaku Kesse Somuah published in March this year. Richard studied for a  Master’s degree in English at The University ofManchester and has now moved on to a full time career in publishing.

Karen Harvey is my fellow administrator on the Lapidus Facebook Group page which is now well on the way to attaining 500 members.

Johanna Boal helped to promote Poetry Space Competition 2014 Johanna Boal is a librarian in Yorkshire and a great social networker and uses this well to promote poetry and writing generally. Catch up with her on Poetry Space Facebook page. Her pamphlet collection Cardboard City is available in the Poetry Space online shop.

Competition Judges:

Philip Lyons 2010

Rose Flint 2011

Cheryl Moskowitz 2012

Martyn Crucefix 2013

Alison Brackenbury 2014

John Siddique 2015

Myra Schneider 2016 

Michael Di Placido 2017 current competition 


Guest Editors for Showcase Quarterly:

Moira Andrew, Jo Waterworth, Margaret Eddershaw, Denni Turp, Thelma Laycock, Jean Harrison and David Mark Williams. Prem Kumari Srivastava, Mandy Pannett ,Di Coffey  and Johana Boal have all edited editions.

If you would like a voluntary spot as a guest editor, do get in touch. Coming up we have:

Summer 2017 – Nick Cooke

Autumn 2017 – Rosie Jackson

Winter 2017 – Lizie Ballagher.

Other voluntary help needed:

Distribution of flyers for Poetry Space Competitions.

Simply  spreading the word by sending a link to Poetry Space to your friends, even if they think they might not like poetry. We may be able to change their mind.

Volunteer editors, proof readers, typesetters always appreciated. Whilst I pay for a limited amount of help. the PS budget won’t allow for as much as we really need. Being a Poetry Space volunteer in any of these roles is a great way to gain experience.