Poetry Space Members’ Competition

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Poetry Space Members’  Competition

Back in March I asked for poems on walls. Sorry for  the delay. Here are the winning poems from Denni Turp and Diane Jackman .



Building the wall


first you mix the days of the week

not so alarming

then morning and   evening    day and    night

     we don’t mention  the time

meanings of words       drift        away       baffling


            talk is plain

familiar objects lose their names 




                            we point at things

other people   move        into the house          into our bed

            I am   me       and          


       someone else

a simple event             becomes   a      tale                  


your               doily     memory                       

                                                            breeds              suspicion   

                        I am silent to avoid distress

When we met we laughed and laughed.

Sixty years to catch up, we told each other stories.

We’ll never run out of conversation, we said,

When we’re old and forgetful

We can tell the same stories over and over…


It has not been as we imagined,

building this wall.

Diane Jackman


All Shall Be Well


We saw the message every morning,

clear in letters maybe six feet high,

white paint along the wall beside the roundabout

on our hectic way to Bangor for work and school.


An old wall this one, enclosing all

the grounds and manor of Y Faenol

where so much more than a century of seeming change

had taken issue with its keep-out-peasants height.


Of course, the road we travelled there

and the letters on the wall were young.

All this I knew and understood, as well as that this message

came from writing many years before the wall was built,


and that even here, so sharp against the grey,

that it could never be especially for me,

just that it still in some way had a meaning that made sense,

a tiny shall and well of hope to calm the madness of another day.


Denni Turp


Denni and Diane will receive copies of Chester walls by Julia D. McGuinness.