poetry space workshop eleven

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The idea for this workshop came from a Second Light workshop I attended last weekend with Hannah Lowe. After giving us an example of a poem written as a personal ad which you can read here:

Personals by CD Wright. Hannah asked us to write our own personal ads and to make them interesting the instruction was to begin with a night time confession.

This is really fun to do.  Try thinking about your routines, quirky or mundane, your .dreams and your .your longings and include them in this poem.


For further inspiration here is the poem  I wrote at the workshop:


Personal Ad

Sometimes I sleep naked;

I like the feel of cool linen sheets on my skin.

I don’t like total blackness,

I leave the skylight uncurtained and the blind in the window open

to let in the moonlight and the slow rays of morning.

I have water by my bed in a china mug. And my books.

A whole toppling pile of them for those moments in the night

when I cannot sleep. On walks

I like my hand held.

And I long to be rowed to the centre of a vast lake,

to lay back on cushions and watch the clouds shift.


Susan Jane Sims


If you would like comments on your poems please send them to susan@poetryspace.co.uk by Sunday 4th June.